Materi Kuliah

Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

 Paper 1
 Recording Financial Transaction
 Paper 2
 Information for management Control
 Paper 3
 Maintaining Financial Records
 Paper 4
 Accounting for Cost
 Paper 5
 Managing People and System
 Paper 6
 Drafting Financial Statement
 Paper 7
 Planning, Control and Performance Management
 Paper 8
 Implementing Audit Procedures
 Paper 9
 Preparing Taxation Computation
 Paper 10
 Managing Finance

Chartered Accountant

 Paper 1.1
 Preparing Financial Statement
 Paper 1.2
 Financial Information for management
 Paper 2.1
 Information System
 Paper 2.2
 Corporate and Business Law
 Paper 2.3
 Business Taxation
 Paper 2.4
 Financial Management and Control
 Paper 2.5
 Financial Reporting
 Paper 2.6
 Audit and Internal Review
 Paper 3.1
 Audit and Assurance Services
 Paper 3.2
 Advance Taxation
 Paper 3.3
 Performance management
 Paper 3.4
 Business Information Management
 Paper 3.5
 Strategic Business Planning and Development
 Paper 3.6
 Advance Corporate Reporting
 Paper 3.7
 Strategic Financial Management